30 Spectacular S’mores Recipes

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30 Spectacular S'mores Desserts

Now that summer is in full swing with it’s camp outs, and cook outs and whatever other kind of outs you can’t turn the corner in your grocery store without a big S’mores display smacking ya in the face.

Now I have talked about this before, I love the flavor combo of S’mores but the execution is well….. lacking.  I still let my kids enjoy S’mores till their hearts are content but you can count me out of all that mess.  I mean we all know what happens when you bite a S’more, it is heaven, gooey toasted marshmallow, melty chocolate all sandwiched between 2 graham crackers, pure bliss.  Then you go to take a second bite and where did the chocolate go? where did the marshmallow go?  Oh there it is all squished out the sides and dangerously close to falling all over your hands, clothes, feet, small children, the dog and whatever else is down there.

So I prefer to make S’more inspired recipes, you get all that S’more yumminess without all the mess, which also guarantees you will get all that S’more deliciousness in every bite and not be left holding a sticky empty pair of graham crackers.

These desserts are perfect for summer, you can make them and serve them at all your summer parties and get togethers!

Get to toasting some marshmallows and choose your favorite from below and create a dessert everyone will love!

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