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20 Halloween Dinners for Kids

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Make Halloween a spectacular spooky feast with these 20 Halloween Dinners for Kids!  They will love them!!
Click below for the whole list!

20 Halloween Dinners For Kids
20 Halloween Dinners For Kids

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  1. What a great roundup and prefect timing as I plan us a mini Halloween party for my toddler this weekend! I’d love for you to share this post with my link up Life created Tuesdays! We’ll be pinning and featuring posts every week; I hope you’ll join the party, this week is now live :)


  2. Love this round up of dinner ideas for the kids. I have little boys and they would love it. I might make a dinner for every night next week now.

    I have chili in the crock pot right now so I might even make the spooky strew for the boys today!

  3. Nice “spooky” dinners! When I was growing up we had the same dinner every Halloween. It was the grossest, scariest, creepiest, oooooiest, nastiest food ever. My mom made us eat beef liver and gravy every.single.halloween. She said that if we were going to be filling up on candy that she was going to make sure we ate something that was good for us first and there would be no trick or treating until the liver was gone. UGH!!! Ummm, I think something like carrot sticks would have sufficed, mom! Out of five kids my poor sister was the only one who even liked liver. The poor girl usually ate all five portions just so we could all go trick or treating. I still feel so bad for her after all these years. LOL

  4. Haha, I just got an invite on Facebook to a Halloween party from a friend that is still single (I probably got invited on accident). I thought it was funny to read some of the party details: “For 18 and up” “Dancing all night” “Get your Flirt on”

    It’s funny to think that used to be “fun,” because I think it’s totally so much more fun to have kids and celebrate the holidays doing things like making “mummy pizzas” and dressing up with the kiddos.

    Motherhood rocks.

    Awesome roundup!

  5. It is always great to see other options out there for a spooky dinner for the kiddos other than junk. I feel so bad for the commenter above that had to eat liver. BLAH! I love see our kids get so excited to go trick-or-treating. We have lots of fun with Halloween. We love making mummy dogs each year….we may try the jack-o-lantern cheese burger sliders soon…just for fun. Thanks for linking up to Inspiration in Progress!

  6. Loving all of these ideas for Halloween! My children are grown now, we always made Mummy Dogs for dinner every Halloween. I’ll have to wait for grand babies now so I can make these fun recipes. Pinning for future reference!

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