Be Prepared and have fun with Duracell!

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Be Prepared and have fun with Duracell  #PrepWithPower  #CollectiveBias

Hey yall!!  How has summer been treating you so far?  Ours has been hot :(  I am not a fan of summer heat and summer bugs ~shudder~  I do love the thunderstorms summer brings, laying on my cool sheets while the rain patters on the roof and the walls light up before giving way to the rumble of thunder, is there any better way to fall asleep? Not all summer storms are calming and sleep inducing, living in on the coast of Virginia we stick out and it seems like all the hurricanes and tropical storms head right for our little city.  Even if we don’t get a direct hit we get a lot of the residuals from storms that pass by so I always make sure to keep lots of Duracell Batteries on hand.  So we are no strangers to severe thunderstorms and power outages.

We don’t let it bother us, we are always prepared.  It is so important to have a bag (or box) prepared any time of year in case of a power outage.  We fill ours with non-perishable food, water, first aid kit, radio, and flashlights and tons of Duracell batteries which we use for everthing!  These are the bare necessities we keep on hand in our safety box.  If we see a storm is brewing we will add other things to depending on the situation, rain gear, or blankets, extra clothing, medicines, anything like that we will add as the storm approaches.   I also make sure to add a few packs of cards and a game like Scattergories to keep us adults occupied.

Be Prepared  #PrepWithPower  #CollectiveBias

That part is easy, the hardest part is keeping my 4 year old entertained and keep his mind off the storm.  He used not to flinch at the crack of thunder but now that he is older he gets scared.  So it is important for me to keep a bag with our safety bag that is filled with things to keep Dean busy.  I like to pack a few treat snacks that he doesn’t usually get, lots of coloring books and crayons, sticker books, small toys from the the dollar section, and I make sure to stash his lovey “Dragon” in there when the storm gets bad.

Kids Kit  #PrepWithPower  #CollectiveBias

It is also important to make him helpful during an outage by giving him his own flashlight freshly loaded with new Duracell batteries so I know it will last the storm.  He likes being in charge of his own flashlight and it makes him feel brave.

Storm Ready #PrepWithPower  #CollectiveBias

We also pack a sheet to make a fort and I cut out figures from construction paper and tape them to paper straws so we can put on a shadow puppet show using our flashlights and that will keep him busy for hours.

Shadow Puppets  #PrepWithPower  #CollectiveBias Shadow Puppet Show  #PrepWithPower  #CollectiveBias Shadow Play  #PrepWithPower  #CollectiveBias

Whenever I am in Walmart I always grab a pack of Duracell, we go through a ton of batteries and I always make sure our safety bags are stocked.  We need them for flashlights, games, radio and especially lanterns.  I prefer to use battery operated lanterns instead of candles during an outage because it so much safer with children to use them instead of candles, plus they are easier to transfer to another part of the house.  I also use my batteries in those little stick up lights that I will place in the bathroom during an outage so there is always light in there.

Duracell at Walmart  #PrepWithPower  #CollectiveBias

Sometimes we have so much fun when the lights go out it’s almost a bummer when they come back on (almost…)

As long as you are prepared and stocked up on Duracell batteries and lot’s of fun things for your little ones getting through a power outage or storm can be a fun time and much less scary.

So don’t forget to stock up on batteries and #PrepWithPower next time you are at Walmart now that storm season is upon us! Right now you can print out coupons for Duracell batteries HERE

What are some ways you keep your kids entertained during an outage or storm?

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  1. My boys have a hard time sitting still even without a storm, so I try to keep their bodies busy and their minds off the weather. We generally have hurricanes/heavy rain storms, so if the power goes out a fun family round of musical chairs using a battery powered radio can keep my family of 5 going for a bit! #client

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