Pizza Hut’s New Big Flavor Dipper Pizza!

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Hey guys!!!  So it is no secret that we love pizza here!  We eat it at least once a week.  I mean come on mamas you know at the end of a crazy day there is nothing better than opening the door and having a dinner everyone will eat without complaint delivered.

Big Flavor

My family’s favorite pizza is Pizza Hut, their fluffy crust wins us over every time!  We have started making Friday nights Pizza and Popcorn nights, where we order pizza for dinner and have popcorn and a movie after dinner.  We love it and it is a great way to welcome the weekend and wind down the work week.

This week when I went to order our pizza I noticed they had a new pizza, Pizza Hut Big Flavor Dipper Pizza!  These looked so delicious and with all the dipping sauces I know there would be something for everyone!


It is almost 2 feet of pizza!  Two feet of delicious pizza!  Two feet of melty cheese and toppings!  It is all cut into strips perfect for dipping into some fabulous sauces.

2 feet of pizza

You get 4 sauces, Ranch, BBQ, Marinara and Honey Sriracha (yum!!).  On top of having all those delicious sauces to dip into you also get to flavor up your crust with any of those new fabulous crust flavors they have, Salted Pretzel pizza anyone?


This pizza was delicious and we all loved choosing a dipping sauce to go with the already yummy and cheesy pizza!

Pizza dipper in marinara

Right now you can get your Big Flavor Dipper Pizza for only $12.99 and you get a free Pepsi 2 liter!  All the makings of a perfect pizza night!

So choose your crust and toppings and get to dipping!

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