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Golden Oreo Banana Pudding Pops

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Golden Oreo Banana Pudding Pops

Summer time!!!!  New month, new series!  This month Dana and I are tackling Frozen Treats!  Do you want to build a snowman??  Oh wait no, not that kind of frozen…..

We are talking about frozen, cool, refreshing treats that will cool you off perfectly these hot days.

This week I made pudding pops, though I never actually say pudding pops, I say puddin’ pops, I mean that’s the proper way dontcha know.

So there is nothing easier than making a puddin’ pop.  Just make some instant pudding and pop it into the molds.  Easy peasy.  Well since it is so easy that is where you have space to get creative!

Now I made The Ultimate Banana Pudding with Golden Oreos not too long ago….

Ultimate Banana Pudding

and it was amazing!!  So why not add some of those delicious Oreos to these banana puddin’ pops and call it a day!

That is just what I did and man oh man are these some tasty puddin’ pops!

So simple, your kid’s can help, they take minutes to put together and by dinner time you will have an outstanding dessert everyone will love!

Golden Oreo Banana Pudding Pops

Golden Oreo Banana Pudding Pops

Golden Oreo Banana Pudding Pops


  • One small box banana pudding
  • 2 cups cold milk
  • Golden Oreos broken into pieces


  1. Whisk the banana pudding and 2 cups cold milk together until smooth.
  2. Pour or spoon into popsicle molds.
  3. Add in broken oreo pieces.
  4. Place the sticks in and place mold in freezer.
  5. Freeze for at least 5 hours.
  6. Serve and enjoy!!!

So get those kids in the kitchen and make some Golden Oreo Banana Pudding Pops!

Want more Frozen Treats?  (Let it go, let it gooo, no I can’t refrain from singing it every time I say Frozen lol)  Check out Dana’s Chocolate Covered Strawberry Icebox Bars.  Yummah!


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  1. Ahh the golden Oreos are the best! (I secretly like them better than the originals…sh, don’t tell anyone!) These pudding pops sound so yummy, I’ve got to try!

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