Fess Up Friday

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Come on ladies I know more of you have stuff to fess up, don’t be shy!!!  Judge free zone over here!!

So this week went by in a blur!  Dean was pretty okay except for his blatant lack of underwear or pants or shorts.  Potty training blows, I hate it. I knew when I was 15 I was going to hate it.  I dreaded it while I was pregnant.  And now here it is.  Is it as bad as I feared?  Oh yes.  My child is defiant enough to begin with, trying to make him use the potty ughhhhhh.  He will pee on it 9/10 times no issue.  And he will poo in it so long as he gets a surprise afterwards (at this point I’m wondering if I will be hearing my 10 year old ask me for a “surprise” after he’s done going).  And I don’t know if he will ever poop on the regular toilet considering he refuses to sit to poop, he hovers.  Kill me now.  Couple all that with the fact that this week he peed in a pile of clean clothes, a lego bucket with the remote in it and a toy bus.  Also the words “Mommy I pooped on the sofa” still haunt my sleep.  So no sugar coating here, potty training sucks!!! And all those books that tell you to just let them run around naked and they will go on the potty, they were right, but now he only pees in a potty if he is naked.


So my fess up for the week is that Dean loves lunchables, just the pizza kind and he wants them everyday (I put my foot down there).  So he gets his beloved lunchable for lunch and my confession is, I think they are delicious -_-  I sneak a piece or two of his plate and man they are good (what am I 9? Do I want a Capri Sun to go with that?)  Let’s not get started on Easy Mac lol.


Dean confesses to climbing on the kitchen counter, naked.

He does not confess to sticking something in our toilet and backing it up, though we suspect it.

Oh and he told the Dish Network guy to “Shut you fuck”…………..twice.


Come on ladies fess it up!

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  1. I agree completely that potty training is not what the books or those blogs about the 2-day potty training say. My three year old did great at the peeing and hasn’t had an accident in that area but I only have two months left to figure out the poop before he starts preschool. He refuses to poop! We have him on Miralax under the Dr’s supervision so that creates a messy nightmare. He won’t go for rewards or anything:( He just laughs “Mommy. Change me.” Those are the words that haunt me!


    1. Yess I hear that, for a week Dean would wait until bedtime when I put a diaper on him then he would poop. So I started letting him fall asleep with no diapy so he would be forced to poop on the pot. Nope he just held it till he blocked himself up, then that was a nightmare in it’s own lol. Poop potty training is the worst!! lol

  2. LOl! It’s never easy. But it sure is great when it’s accomplished. Good luck :) Thanks for joining us at the Let’s Get Social Sunday party this week. Enjoy your Sunday :) Diane @MamalDiane

  3. OMG! I hate potty training too! SOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooOOOOOOOOO much!
    And my son turns 4 on Thursday and it is still a disaster. He would scream I hate potties for the first 3 or 4 months we tried. So I just gave up. I gave up and made everyone else give up too until he asked.
    And it still SUCKS! This morning he sat on the potty and peed (standing up is too messy and I don’t know how to teach him to operate that equipment). And while he was peeing he told me he wasn’t going to pee ever for the rest of his life!
    Potty training SUCKS!

    1. Good to know Im not alone!!! There has got to be an easier way lol! I dont even want to know what is going to happen when I have to take him out in public without a diaper!

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