Fess Up Friday

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fess up friday

Another week has just flown by!  And asides from having a few sleep issues with Dean it has been a quiet week :)

So my fess up is sometimes I am the reason we can’t have nice things :(

I am not one to buy a super pricey purse or anything like that, so for my baby shower I picked out a cute brown diaper bag from Walmart, it had green and blue circles on it and I was super happy with it.

Dean’s bedding set was brown and green, everything was brown and green and monkeys, even his stroller was brown and green.  One day I came across this diaper bag that was green and brown and gorgeous!!  It had these awesome little hooks that would hang it from the handles of the stroller.  I never thought I would ever want a diaper bag so bad.  After a peek at the $70 price tag I made a little pouty face and went about my way without that coveted diaper bag.


A couple months later I was strolling though Ross and there it was, that amazing diaper bag I wanted soo bad and on sale for $30.  That was still a little more than I wanted to spend on a diaper bag I really didn’t need, but I wasn’t going to pass that deal up.

I loved that diaper bag.  It was perfect, it fit everything, I loved how it could hang off the back of the stroller and it was gorgeous (well as gorgeous as a boy diaper bag was going to be lol).  And that bag served me well for 3 years and still looked brand new.

Last Friday I went to pack up the bag for a trip to the mall.  We hadn’t used the bag since the weekend before the 4th of July and to be honest it was still in the same spot it was when I dropped it there later that night when we got home.

As I bent down to pick it up I caught a whiff of something rank.  Really rank.  The diaper bag was pretty empty and I didn’t see anything in there to cause the odor.  So I put it up on the counter and went on with gathering the things I would need for our outing.  There it was again that awful smell.  Where was it coming from!?!   And what was this weird stain all over the diaper bag, I never noticed that before……

I opened up the side pocket to throw some wipes in and I about passed out!  I had finally found the offending source of the smell and now had unleashed it in it’s full fury!

Now I am not super strict with everything Dean eats, but there are a few things I do not like him to eat, any kind of artificial sweetener and nitrates and nitrites  are off limits in my house and hot dogs are a big offender of nitrates and nitrites so I had found these smoked turkey Oscar Mayer nitrite and nitrate free hot dogs and he loves them, hell I love em.  And when we went to my grandparent’s for a cookout the week before the 4th, I threw a pack in the diaper bag to grill up.

And forgot about them, for about 3 weeks.

They had leaked some nasty hot dog juice all over the bag and were rotten beyond belief.

Now I can be a girly girly and stand on tables when a bug is in the house, and get the hubs to clean up the really nasty messes but he was working that night, it was all on me.

I choked back the urge to vomit, threw a trash bag over that biohazard of a diaper bag, tied it up and threw it out the front door.

I don’t even know if there was anything in there we needed but it was ruined if it was anyways.

So now I am out a diaper bag, a $70 diaper bag at that.

Dean on the other hand has been pretty good this week.  His birthday is coming up so he is trying to be on his best behavior :)

Now I have something new to share with you guys for Fess Up Friday.  I have partnered up with Hollywood Psychics and their hilarious Diapers On My Crystal Ball video series which have real moms sharing their funny parenting stories, regrets and they are seriously sooo funny and I can relate and I know you ladies can too!

This first video is Small Regrets in Parenthood and it had be rolling because we have all been there!!

So check it out!

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  1. I have that diaper bag and I love it!! Isn’t it the best size with a great number of pockets??! Although I have not thrown mine away {yet}, I am known around my family as the person who throws things away instead of cleaning them – such as plastic containers in the fridge. So, I completely sympathize with you and would have done the same thing with that diaper bag!! Have a great weekend!

    1. I already miss it lol! And yes I totally get the throwing away plastic containers lol!!! I just use ziploc bags now so I can just throw the whole thing away!

  2. Oh man, that’s almost too good! LOL I can’t tell you how many times over the past 6 years I FINALLY decide to clean from under the couch and BAM a sippy cup of molded, curdled milk is laying there.

  3. i just found your blog,facebook page etc.and saw the fess up friday.i love this idea.so i so will be joining you in fess up friday.i have so many fess ups to tell.lol not bad ones.anyway i look forward to joining the fun next friday.well it is saturday the 27th but my late fess up i guess would be.o.k, i look forward to fess up friday, i so need to get a real life.lol with friends etc and all.have a great week.i love your blog and the wonderful,nop fuss recipes i see on here.i cook for 2 here.and we have issues with stomach problems and food reactions.not allergys but issues.yea those of you who have them know what they are.but i am always looking fo rgood easy dishes.

    1. Yay! I can’t wait to see what you have to “fess up” (you can fess up after Friday too lol). I hope you find some recipes on here that won’t cause any tummy troubles :)

  4. It was such a pretty diaper bag! But you know, we’ve all had something similar happen. You don’t notice it until the smell, lol! ;)

    Thanks so much for linking up to the “Making Your Home Sing Monday” linky party! By the way, the NEW linky party is live and ready for your posts today! ;)

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