Fess Up Friday

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fess up friday

Eeek! There is like 11 days until Christmas Eve!!!  Though I am super excited I am super overwhelmed, probably because I have done like zero shopping.  I will be doing all my shopping next Saturday, in one 12 hour shopping trip.  Hopefully I can find everything I need that day.

Things around here have been quiet and cold.  Dean has been his usual hellion self.  Apparently he could care less about being on Santa’s nice list.  He has been staying up late, talking back and just being a jerk baby in general. Timeouts haven’t been working, taking away toys hasn’t been working sooooo sometimes if he just is beyond bad I will threaten to vacuum.  Yes that is not the best thing to do, because it sucks when I really do need to vacuum but sometimes it is the only that brings him back to reality when he has just lost his mind.  So that is one of my Fess Ups for today, I have another one.

I love decorating for Christmas!  I always start way early.  However Dean has a different opinion of Christmas decorating.  He takes all the ornaments off my tree, puts them in where ever he wants, he even threw Rufus our Christmas Dino INTO the Christmas tree the other day.  So here is my sad little tree!DSCF9275

As you can see there are large places where there are no ornaments whatsoever.  My lights are falling off the bottom.  The garland is way jacked up.  There is a brontosaurus, train caboose and pirate ship mast under the tree, along with ornaments that didn’t make it.  For some reason back there behind the tree is Dean’s advent calendar.  The bins are full of ornaments I didn’t even risk hanging up.  The Target bag has gift wrapping supplies in it but that is as far as I got with present wrapping.  Send elves to help please!!!!!!!

So mommies what is your fess up this week??

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