The Cutest Mountain/Bear Nursery!

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Hey guys!  Most of you guys don’t know but we lost our home to Hurricane Matthew last fall when a tree fell through our house.  We were fine but it frighteningly crashed through our room and the nursery which thankfully we were downstairs.  Now 7 months later we are finally back in the house and after all the scariness of the situation had worn off a little I could get a little excited about redoing the house.

I knew I wanted a gray, mountain/bear theme for Sam’s nursery and it was so simple to do.

We painted the walls a soft gray and got an amazing plush gray and white rug with a geometric kind of design on it.

Mountain Nursery Rug

Curtains were just a simple gray and white wide stripe.  A white dresser and gray crib were all the furniture I needed.

Mountain Bear Nursery

I topped the dresser with a cute plush polar bear, wooden mountains, and a polar bear night light sitting on top of a wood slice.

Polar Bear Nursery_ Polar Bear Mountain Nursery_

The canvases I created myself in a photo editing site and just printed out on canvas.

Mountain Nursery Canvases_ Mountain Nursery Canvas

I collected lots of gray and white sheets because with a baby you can never have too many sheets!

Newton Baby Mattress Crib

My favorite part of the whole nursery is Sam’s mattress.  Newton Baby has provided us with an amazing Newton Baby Wovenaire Crib Mattress.

Newton Baby Mattress

A crib mattress has to be one of the things you most research when shopping for a nursery.  This is what your precious bundle of joy will be sleeping on so it super important to get something of great quality.

The Newton Baby Wovenaire Crib Mattress is 100% breathable, washable and recyclable. It is free of chemicals and toxins and has no off-gassing.  A washable mattress is so important because babies are messy, toddlers are even messier! The washable can be thrown directly in the wash whenever need be.  The core can be sprayed down in the shower or tub for a completely hygienic crib environment which I love because with my first son there were quite a few times where there was just no saving the mattress because they were so difficult to clean.

The other thing I love about this mattress is it is actually comfortable!  So many other crib mattresses think safe means hard as a rock but not the case with the Newton Baby Wovenaire Crib Mattress.  It is safe without compromising comfort.  This thing is so comfy Sam sleeps all night without a bunch of tossing and turning, so I know he is getting a restful nights sleep.


He also could be sleeping better because the design allows for maximum airflow which helps regulate body temperate which in turn helps him stay asleep longer.

Now my husband works nights so if I had to change sheets or anything in the middle of the night it was a struggle, I would be a sweaty mess after my midnight wrestling match with the heavy crib mattress.  I do not have that problem anymore as the Wovenaire is only 11 pounds!!  Now I can switch out the sheets in no time flat without breaking a sweat. Which means I can get Sam back to bed faster!

So of course you want one of these amazing crib matresses for your little one right?  So just head over to where you can use my code CRUST30 to get $30.00 off a full sized crib mattress or mini crib mattress!

You will love it I promise!

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