Christmas Crafts with TruMoo

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of TruMoo Chocolate Milk for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey guys!!!  Do you hear that?  The jingling bells of the holidays on the blustery winds of these chilly days!

I love the cold weather and I love the holidays!  I also love doing quick and simple crafts with my son Dean.  Being that he is a boy and 6 I have to make sure the crafts are pretty quick or else he is off to play with his monster trucks before we get done lol!

That is why today I want to show you how to make plate and mug for Santa’s cookies and milk!

Speaking of milk, I know most of us just leave out some regular milk for Santa but why not switch it up this year and give him some TruMoo Chocolate and try it hot!  It is all that fabulous goodness of TruMoo but warmed up into a luscious wintery treat.  

I love making my hot chocolate with TruMoo Chocolate Milk, it makes the perfect steamy mug of hot chocolate in minutes.  It is so creamy and chocolaty and much better than anything out of a packet.

It is better than the usual hot chocolate and much better than plain old milk!  Doesn’t Santa deserve a creamy, warm drink on his busiest night of the year?

We love drinking TruMoo hot in the winter, it is the perfect thing to warm us up on those cold nights and it is so delicious!

Now onto our super fast craft!  You just need a white mug and saucer and some Sharpie markers.

You just let your kiddos decorate the mug and plate anyway they want for Santa and when they are done just pop them in the oven at 425 for 30 minutes, then turn the oven off and let them cool completely in the oven.

Dean loved making these, I love his little snowflakes he drew!  He is so proud of them and cannot wait for Christmas Eve to set these out for Santa!

Perfect plate for Santa’s cookies and mug for his hot TruMoo!!

Your kids will love making these for Santa and you will love the memories it creates and how easy it is!

Don’t forget to serve your kiddos some warm TruMoo while they are crafting!

I hope you try this with your kids and try some creamy, chocolaty TruMoo hot!

Happy Holidays!!

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