6 Star Dinner

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Dean is a great eater.  He can picky sometimes but come on the kid loves pickled beets so how much can I complain lol.  Funny thing about him is he doesn’t like pasta or mashed potatoes, I am sure that will change but for the time being he gags on those.

My other issue with him is he prefers to eat finger foods, things he can pick up with his hands are his favorite.  He will use a spoon and fork no problem but he finds using his hands is the fastest route.

I try to make his food always fun or visually appealing because it takes minimal effort and I enjoy doing it even if he doesn’t appreciate it now.

I have found that buying a small 6 count silicone cupcake tray makes for the cutest plate and holds just the right amount of food for a little tummy (though he feeds our dog Harvey half of it -_-)

This is the little tray I bought him, it keeps everything separate, the star shape is fun to play with and it really has gotten him to eat things he probably wouldn’t have touched before.  So I love this little idea and I hope you do too :)

Here is the one I bought Star Cupcake Pan

And here is one for girls Flower Cupcake Pan

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