Silk “Tie” Dyed Easter Eggs

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Yes this post is late :( But it will give you all time to stock up on ties for next year!!

These eggs were soo much fun to make and worth the extra time it took.

You need 100% silk ties, and a ceramic or enamel pot, vinegar and an old white tablecloth or sheet or pillowcase.

First you remove the lining from the ties and cut them into large pieces that can fit around an egg, I got about 2 out of each tie.  Then you cut the tablecloth or sheet the same size.

Then you just take an egg and wrap it in the tie, I kind of rolled it around the egg and tied it at each end, but some people put the egg in the middle of the fabric and pull it up around it and make one tie at the top, which I think I will be doing next year to save some time lol.

Now take the white fabric and wrap the egg again.

Pop them in a ceramic or enamel pot with water and 1/4 cup of vinegar and let boil for 20-40 minutes.

Let cool and unwrap!!!!  The darker and crazier the tie the better!!!

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