Life Hacks with Glad Press’n Seal

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Press'n Seal Life Hacks

Hey guys!!  I have great post for you today to show you some easy life hacks you can use with Glad Press’n Seal to make your life easier with little ones.

It is no secret kids are messy especially come meal time!  I am pretty sure more food ends up all over my table than in their tummies!

I tried place mats and that did not work.  Dean would just sling the place mat around scattering food to all corners of the dining room!  So frustrating!!

The other day I was shopping in Walmart and I picked up a new roll of Glad Press’n Seal because it is one of my favorite things to use around the house.  It goes wayy beyond just keeping your food fresh.

I like to use it to line my fridge shelves so if anything gets a little messy in there I just peel it up, toss it and place down a fresh one.

Press'n Seal in the Fridge

I also love to use the Glad Press’n Seal to make handy little snack bags for Dean’s snacks.  They are so easy for him to open and I can make them any size I need, which I love for awkward shaped food like pizza.  Plus I always throw a little on top of any sippy cups before heading out, saves me a ton of headache if one decides to leak!

Press'n Seal on the go!

Now getting back to my original point, Dean can make a huge mess at the table, whether it is drippy syrup in the mornings, messy ketchup with lunch or poor meatballs rolling off of spaghetti it just is a war zone!

As I was unpacking my Walmart shopping and pulled out my trust Glad Press’n Seal inspiration struck!  Just like with my fridge I could lay a sheet of Glad Press’n Seal down on the table under Dean’s plates.  He can get it messy but it won’t slide around like a regular placement!  Then when he was done all I would have to do is peel it up and toss it.  No muss, No fuss!

I just press it down on the table and place his plate on it.

Press'n Seal Plate

Press'n Seal Meal

He makes his usual mess, minus slinging the place mat around because this Glad Press’n Seal isn’t going anywhere!

Lunchtime aftermath

Then when he is done I just dump his plate on the Glad Press’n Seal.

Press'n Seal Clean Up

Roll it all up and toss it!

Toss it!

So we tried it out and I am sold!!!  So easy! No messy, sticky table for me to scrub after dinner, such a time saver!

I cannot wait to use it on the highchair when my new little one arrives, I imagine it will be a big lifesaver there too!

So as you can see I love using my Glad Press’n Seal for so many life hacks and it surely makes my life easier!

How do you use Glad Press’n Seal to make your life easier?  Any hacks to share with me that I should try?

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