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Gingersnap Bars

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Gingersnap Bars are so easy to make and so festive!! Topped with a creamy pumpkin drizzle they make the perfect holiday dessert!

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Gingersnap Bars you guys!!  You will love them!

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  I have such a great recipe to share with you today!!  So every year I bring a pumpkin gingerbread trifle to Thanksgiving and Christmas. At first it went over spectacularly.

If you don’t already know pumpkin and gingerbread go together like peanut butter and jelly, in fact even better than peanut butter and jelly.  Pumpkin and gingerbread are one of the most delicious combos I’ve ever had.

People loved the trifle.  But I have been making it for like 10 years now and I think everyone is ready for something new.

I still wasn’t ready to give up that magical combo of pumpkin and gingerbread.

I was in Sam’s Club (my favorite place to shop every week!) picking up their magical Members Mark Yeasty Dinner Rolls which are so amazing and so delicious, and they feed a crowd for under $6.

They are a holiday staple in our family because they are the perfect roll, and such a great
timesaver, for all of our holiday celebrations and they taste amazing!! Trust me, save yourself
some stress this holiday season and buy these fabulous rolls!

Members Mark Yeasty Rolls-3

Okay so back to the story lol. When I was shopping at Sam’s Club I saw this box of Betty
Crocker Sugar Cookies. With Sam’s Club’s amazing prices, and the fact that the holidays bring
a ton of baking, I picked up a box knowing they would be a great base for iced sugar cookies for
Santa, and my Sugar Cookie Cheesecake Bars and my Cookie Cups.

Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix-4

I got them home and found this scrumptious sounding recipe for Gingersnap Bars that use
sugar cookies as a base. The wheels got to spinning in my head and I knew I could make a
creamy pumpkin drizzle to top these bars with and I would get that pumpkin gingerbread combo
I am always craving in an all new dessert perfect for the holidays!
These Gingersnap Bars could not be easier to make! A base of that yummy Betty Crocker
Sugar Cookie Dough goes into your pan and then is sprinkled with crushed gingersnaps.

While that bakes, just whip up an easy cheesecake mixture to go on top of the crust. Another
sprinkle of gingersnaps and it goes into the oven for just 30 minutes.
Now you can give the finished product a drizzle of caramel and call it a day and everyone will go
nuts for this!
Or you be a little extra like me and whip up a quick cream pumpkin drizzle that takes these bars
to the next level!

Gingersnap Bars-3

Gingersnap Bars-2

So this holiday season head to Sam’s Club to get a box of Betty Crocker Sugar Cookies so you
can create all sorts of easy fabulously festive desserts like this one!

Don’t forget while you are there to pick up their Members Mark Yeasty Rolls, you can thank me
later for that tip!

Visit samsclub.com/savortheseason for all the inspiration you need this Holiday season!

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