Boy’s Easter Basket

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It can be a little difficult finding things to fill a Boy’s Easter Basket with but here is what I put in my 9 year old and 3 year old boy’s baskets.

With so many pastels and flowers and stuffed bunnies it can be hard to find some things to fill my boy’s Easter Baskets with that they like.  I was able to find some things I think they will love!

Now before we get started, yes I went overboard.  I probably started putting stuff away for Easter after Valentine’s Day.  I would see a little something and pick it up and stash it away for later.  If there was a sale I would grab a few things and put them away.  Clearance aisle at Target? Yup I hit that up too.  Before I knew it I had a pretty good stock pile.  Then I had to make sure it was even since I have 2 boys lol.

I also know I could save some of this and put it away for birthdays but with one birthday at the end of July and one at the end of December these boys will have moved on to new favorite toys and characters by then lol.

I got all this things on Amazon, Target and Zulily, with a few items from Walgreens.

So let’s start with my most difficult, Dean.  He is 9 years old and I think getting a little skeptical of the bunny (thankfully still loves Santa!)  And he also is super hard to shop for because he is at that point where he wants toys still but doesn’t play with them.

I got him

Five Nights At Freddy’s Plush (Amazon $10)

Five Nights At Freddy’s Poster (Amazon $7)

Five Nights At Freddy’s Action Figure (Amazon $13)

MechaGodzilla Action Figure (Amazon $19)

Blank Comic Book (Amazon $5)

Colored Pencils (Amazon $5)

Blow Up Batman Ball (Target Dollar Spot $3)

Bouncing Egg Balls (Target Dollar Spot $3)

Easter Bath Fizzer (Target Dollar Spot $1)

6 count Fluffy Dough (Walgreens $2.00)

Grabby Arm Thing (Zulily 3.99)

Monster World Hunter (Target/Amazon $20)

Sam is easier, he loves Toy Story, Moana, Trolls and like every boy Paw Patrol. So he is a piece of cake to shop for.

For him I got

Marshall Bubble Blower (Walgreens/Amazon $15)

5 little plushes Woody, Jessie, Bullseye, Buzz Lightyear, Pluto (Disney Store $20)

3 Books with Playmat and Figures (Zulily $8.99)

Toy Story Toy Sets Imaginext (Amazon $6)

Trolls Hair Huggers (Amazon/Target $5)

Trolls Coloring Book (Target $4)

Crayons (Amazon $2)

Blow Up Chase Ball (Target Dollar Spot $3)

Bouncing Egg Balls (Target Dollar Spot $3)

Easter Bath Fizzer (Target Dollar Spot $1)

6 count Fluffy Dough (Walgreens $2.00)

Grabby Arm Thing (Zulily $3.99)

I also got them some candy and Easter Pringles lol

All the prices above are what I paid for these items, prices may have changed since then.

So this is what the Easter Bunny will putting in my boy’s baskets!  Hope it gave you some ideas!!

Check out the video above or on YouTube to see a video of all the items!

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