No Bake Halloween Lush is a delicious no bake dessert combining layers of crushed chocolate cookies, a cheesecake layer, a creamy orange layer and a colorful whipped topping layer.  All of this in bright Halloween colors with spooky sprinkles.  This is a fabulous dessert for Halloween.

ingredients used

ingredients used

Chocolate sandwich cookies

orange gelatin

vanilla instant pudding

whipped topping


Milk, butter, cream cheese, food coloring

It takes about 30 mins to combine all the ingredients in a 9x13 pan and 4 hours to chill to perfection

This is a great dessert in the Fall because it is cool, creamy and rich. I like that I can make it the night before and have a festive dessert for any Halloween get-together. I promise this will be your new go-to dessert for Halloween!